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Now that you’re hooked on Chimney Rock National Monument and Ancestral Puebloan history, read on:

Visions_largeVisions of Chimney Rock: A Photographic Interpretation of the Place and Its People, is edited by Helen L. Richardson. The introduction by Dr. W. James Judge says, in part, “…Images captured herein, and the accompanying text of this book, offer a comprehensive insight into both the complexity and the mystery of Chimney Rock.”

The text (details) is written for the general adult reader and explores Chimney Rock and its place in Chacoan Culture. The book is 130 pages, 6″x9″ paperback, with 25 illustrations and 150 mostly full-color photos for $9.95 plus shipping and handling. Click on the Paypal “Buy Now” button below or use the Mail-in Order Form to purchase an autographed copy of our print version of a virtual tour of Chimney Rock National Monument. The Visions book is also available at the Chimney Rock National Monument Visitor Cabin, which has other souvenir items, educational material, and Native American arts and crafts for sale.



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