2024 Youth Workshops

  • Workshops run from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

  • Available for kids in Kindergarten through 6th Grade.

  • First child – $25 for each class, $75 for all 4 classes

  • Additional child – $20 for each class, $60.00 for all 4 classes(advance payment required.)

  • Limited scholarships are available.  Workshop volunteers welcome.

  • To register call 970-731-7133 or email officemgr@chimneyrockco.org.

School Weeks at Chimney Rock

CRIA is dedicated to providing tours of Chimney Rock at no cost for school groups.  CRIA’s Education Commitee has created the Junior Archaeologist Booklet and Badge, an educational video and an outreach mobile classroom kit to provide an enhanced experience for these young people in the hope they will value sites such as Chimney Rock and continue efforts to educate the public and preserve the cultural heritage. School Group Tours are available May 6-10 and May 13-14; October 7-11 and October 14-15.  For schools interested in booking a school group tour, please contact the CRIA office at (970) 731-7133.

Junior Archaeologist Program

The Junior Archaeologist Program at Chimney Rock National Monument was developed by a committee of experienced educators, CRIA’s Education Commitee, and includes the  Junior Archaeologist booklet, which is given to elementary school age  children who take a tour with their family and school groups.  The booklet includes activities for the children to complete after their tour and enhance their learning experience. Once the booklet is complete, the child will earn a Junior Archaeologist button!

CRIA realizes the importance of inspiring the younger generation who will one day have to carry on our work. We hope having an interactive experience and a fun piece to take home with them will pique their interest in preserving sites such as Chimney Rock National Monument.

Download and print your Junior Archaeologist Booklet HERE.