CRIA is dedicated to providing tours of Chimney Rock National Monument at no cost for school groups.  Already, CRIA has 8 school groups with 231 kids booked for free tours during School Week, which occurs prior to the May 15th opening.  During the 2017 season, CRIA has an additional 8 groups booked, with 362 kids attending so far.

CRIA’s Education Committee, which includes experienced educators,  has created the Junior Archaeologist Booklet and Badge, a NEW educational video and an outreach mobile classroom kit to provide an enhanced experience for these young people. School Groups and children visiting with their families can now learn about Chimney Rock National Monument before visiting the site by watching this fun, informative video produced by CRIA volunteer Howard Rowe.

CRIA realizes the importance of inspiring the younger generation who will one day have to carry on our work. We hope having an interactive experience will pique their interest in preserving sites such as Chimney Rock National Monument.  For more information about CRIA’s Junior Archaeologist Program, please call (970) 731-7133.