Kim Malville to Give Virtual Presentation in September


During the International Geophysical Year Kim wintered over at Ellsworth Station in the Antarctic where he studied the aurora australis. He obtained his BS in physics from Caltech and his PhD in astronomy from the University of Colorado. He has been associated with the universities of Michigan, Colorado, Oslo (Norway), Sao Paulo (Brazil), James Cook (Townsville, Australia), and Wales Trinity-Saint David (Lampeter, UK).

At Colorado he served as the Chairman of the Department of Astro-Geophysics, and directed the  Honors Program of the College of Arts and Sciences as well as CU’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.

In 1997 he was a member of the team that revealed the world’s oldest known megalithic astronomy at Nabta Playa near Abu Simbel in southern Egypt, earlier than Stonehenge by more than a 1000 years. In 2003 he was involved in the rediscovery of the Inca ceremonial center of Llactapata, previously lost in a cloud forest near Machu Picchu.

Kim  is presently Professor Emeritus in the Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences at the University of Colorado and Tutor at  the University of Wales, Lampeter, UK. In September 2014 he received the prestigious Carlos Jaschek Medal of the Société Européene pour l’Astronomie dans la Culture (European Society for Cultural Astronmy) for his research in archaeoastronomy.

Books, which he has written or edited, include “A Feather for Daedalus”, “The Fermenting Universe,”  “Prehistoric Astronomy of the Southwest,” “Canyon Spirits: Beauty and Power in the Ancestral Puebloan World,” “Ancient Cities, Sacred Skies: Cosmic Geometries and City Planning in Ancient India,” “Chimney Rock: the Ultimate Outlier,” and “Pilgrimage: Sacred Landscapes and Self-Organized Complexity” and  “Machu Picchu’s Sacred Sisters: Choquequirao and Llactapata. Astronomy, Symbolism, and Sacred Geography in the Inca Heartland.”

Steve Lekson’s Virtual Presentation on “Chaco, North of the San Juan”

2020 Lecture Dates

Please check back for updates.

  • January 9- Michelle Turner, Inaugural Postdoctoral Scholar at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center
  • March 12- Ron Sutcliffe
  • May 13- Steven H. Lekson, “Millennium on the Meridian”
  • July 16- Steven H. Lekson,” Chaco, North of the San Juan”
  • August 13- Larry Baker from Salmon Ruins-CANCELLED
  • September 10-Kim Malville, topic TBA