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  • Thank you to everyone who made a pledge to the CRIA “Sink Like a Rock” Penguin Plunge Team and to everyone who came out to watch our brave volunteers at the event!  You helped us raise $3300 that will help support Chimney Rock’s free public programs.

  • CRIA will be holding a Volunteer Open House on Saturday, February 22nd from 6-7pm at The Springs Resort Ecoluxe building. Come learn about the exciting volunteer opportunities at Chimney Rock National Monument!

What is Chimney Rock?

This undiscovered gem is an intimate, off-the-beaten-path archaeological site located at the southern edge of the San Juan Mountains  in Southwestern Colorado. You’ll walk in the footsteps of the fascinating and enigmatic Ancestral Puebloans of the Chaco Canyon, following primitive pathways that haven’t changed for 1,000 years. Archaeological ruins and artifacts, abundant wildlife, and its setting in the breathtaking San Juan National Forest make Chimney Rock a must-see.

Chimney Rock covers seven square miles and preserves 200 ancient homes and ceremonial buildings, some of which have been excavated for viewing and exploration: a Great Kiva, a Pit House, a Multi-Family Dwelling, and a Chacoan-style Great House Pueblo. Chimney Rock is the highest in elevation of all the Chacoan sites, at about 7,000 feet above sea level. From the base, the hike to the top is just a half mile and it’s rewarded with dramatic 360-degree views of Colorado and New Mexico.

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